Hello there, this is SovietUkraineMan, and I’m the new leader of Stalin’s Legion, after the former leader decided that he didn’t want to bash Project AFTER anymore and was booted out of the group by yours truly.

Now then, you may remember in the last chapter of the LoA fic, where I said that I had a couple of ideas for new fanfictions. Well I’m using one of this ideas now. This fic will be a Yu-Gi-Oh/HunieCam Studios crossover fic, where Yami Bakura and Marik work together to run the largest webcam show empire of all time. I don’t know if I’ll throw in a bit of Project AFTER bashing right now, but I might in the future.

So allow me to present to you Yu-Gi-Oh! The ShadowCam Empire.

The Shadow Realm

The Shadow Realm was a dark, foreboding place where the worst examples of humanity resided for the rest of their lives. However they had to pay for their accommodations, and if they couldn’t, they were kicked out. Such was the fate of one of the Shadow Realms most famous celebrity’s, a young man named Ryou ‘Yami’ Bakura. Bakura had long, spiky white hair and wore a blue and white striped t-shirt, and a pair of jeans. Hanging around his neck was his most valuable artefact, the Millennium Ring.

“Sorry Bakura, but you have to leave your room. You’re behind on the rent.” The ghost bellboy kindly reminded him.

“What do you mean, behind the rent?! Do you know who I am?!” Bakura snapped.

“I do sir.” The bell boy responded.

“Then why are you kicking me out?!” Bakura demanded.

“Because you’re behind on your rent sir.” The bell boy answered.

“But I have no money! Those fucks at the convenience store don’t pay me enough!” Bakura growled, gripping his fists tightly.

“Well then maybe you shouldn’t buy so much Fire Emblem hentai then, you sad fuck.” The bell boy teased, as he used a spell to send Bakura back into the real world. The young man had ended up on the cold pavement of a large city which he recognised all too much. This was where he participated in the Battle City Tournament, in order to infiltrate the KaibaCorp and obtain the Millennium Items.

“Rrrgh! Who does he think he is, questioning my preferences?! I really wanted that Lucina bodypillow.” Bakura growled to himself, as he dusted the dirt off his shirt. “Oh well, at least I can check up on my friend Marik.” The young man made his way into the city.

It was around twenty minutes later, when Bakura met up with his old friend Marik. Marik was a young man of around Bakuras age, who was of Egyptian descent, and wore a standard white t-shirt, and blue jeans.

“Bakura, what are you doing here?” Marik inquired. “Shouldn’t you be in the Shadow Realm?”

“I would be, but those fucks kicked me out because I didn’t have enough money to pay the fucking rent! And now my hentai collection is left unguarded. I swear, if Bonz and his group of morons lays a single finger on my Lucina bodypillow…” Bakura growled, only for Marik to rest his hand on the formers shoulder.

“You’re not the only one with money issues. I accidently crashed into Pegasus’ Ferrari, and the insurance cost so much money. I had to pawn off the Millennium Scales just to pay off the costs. I was kicked out of the tomb for my troubles, and now I make a living by selling hot dogs.” Marik replied.

“Hot dogs eh? How’s business going?” Bakura asked.

“Well…let me put it to you this way. Some Obelisk Blue students from Duel Academy stole my cart, and ended up setting it alight. Any profit I made, I had to pay to the company. They sacked me after that.” Marik answered.

“Well we’re fucked. It seems like this city has no more opportunities for us. Why don’t we skip town and attempt to find employment elsewhere?” Bakura suggested.

“Are you suggesting we go on a bro-tacular road trip?” Marik lit up in excitement.

“Well I wouldn’t call it that. But sure, why not?” Bakura replied, as the duo got into Marik’s SUV and proceeded to drive down the highway, which lead to a city named Hunie City.

Hunie City: Presidential Skyscraper

Hunie City was a thriving city, where only the wealthiest families lived. The city had everything you could ask for in a thriving city. However it had a seedy underbelly to it. The city was notorious for its Red-Light District, including its illegal WebCam Studio. The founder of said web cam studio, Kyu was busy arguing with her vice-president, Jayson. Kyu was a fairly pretty lady, who had green eyes, and had her pink hair done up into two pigtails, with the ties being in the shape of a butterfly. She wore a blue shirt with a collar on it, and a bright pink skirt.

“Jayson, you slimy fuck! How could you put me into debt?!” Kyu snapped, as she stared daggers at Jayson. Jayson wore a bright white tuxedo, and had short black hair, and blue eyes.

“Baby, how was I supposed to anticipate that the bitch would overdose on coke?” Jayson attempted to calm her down.

“This is the third girl that we’ve lost this month!” Kyu retorted. “First was that girl who got AIDS and died, because some motherfucker forgot to give her a fucking condom. Then there was that other girl who was kidnaped by Shark’s men.”

“Wait, are you talking about Reginald Kastle, the biggest crime lord out there?!” Jayson exclaimed.

“No shit Sherlock.” Kyu deadpanned. “Who knows what those whack jobs are doing to her. For all I know, she could be dead or reduced to a drug mule.”

“Now come on baby, you know I love you—“Jayson attempted to grope her, but had his hand smacked away.

“That’s it! Your ass is out of here mister. Go pack your things and leave.” Kyu snapped. I am ruined! RUINED!”

Jayson huffed and stormed out of the office. A few seconds later, Kyu turned to her office window, and spotted Bakura and Marik parking their SUV by the movie theatre.

“Perhaps there is hope after all…” Kyu mused to herself.

With Bakura and Marik

“Well we’re here. Do you have any ideas, Bakura?” Marik asked.

“Why don’t you use your Millennium Rod to brainwash someone into giving us their money?” Bakura suggested, as they began walking down the side path.

“I would, but my sister confiscated it, following the whole car crash debacle.” Marik replied, as the two of them stopped at the door to a large mansion.

“Hold on. I think I have a plan…” Bakura smirked, as he walked up to the mansion door and rang the doorbell. The door opened and revealed a very wealthy man in a business suit.

“Can I help you two?” the man inquired.

“Give us your money, or I’ll send you to the Shadow Realm!” Bakura demanded, holding out his Millennium Ring. The man glared at the two delinquents, before slamming the door on them.

“This can’t be! How could that fool refuse to give us his money?!” Bakura growled, as he stormed off and resumed walking alongside Marik.

“So no luck with that man?” Marik asked.

“What does it look like? Of course I had no fucking luck!” Bakura snapped. “Not even five minutes here, and already I hate this city.” Just then, the two arrived at a Kentucky Fried Chicken.

“Hey look Bakura, fried chicken. I could go for some right now.” Marik called out, as his tummy began rumbling.

“Well guess what? We have no fucking money!” Bakura retorted. “And even if we did, I’m not spending it on overpriced chicken.”

“Luckily I happen to have just enough to buy ourselves a decent meal each.” Marik replied, as the duo entered the fast food shop. The two of them walked up to the counter, where they were greeted by the cashier.

“Hi, what would you like today?” the cashier asked nicely.

“I’ll have the Giant Feast box, with a 1.25L bottle of Pepsi Max.” Bakura ordered.

“Ok, that’s one Giant Feast box with a Pepsi Max. Now what would you like mister.” She asked Marik, as she put down Bakura’s order.

“Ok, I’ll have two of the $10 Popcorn Chicken Buckets, two packs of 5 Original Tenders, 21 pieces of Original Recipe Chicken, 10 Wicked Wings, two boxes of 24 Kentucky Nuggets, 4 Maxi-sized boxes of Fries, 3 Spicy Hot Twisters, 5 Original Recipe Bacon & Cheese Burgers, 2 Kentucky Burgers, 3 Zinger Stacker Burgers, and a 2L bottle of Pepsi.” Marik ordered, causing Bakura’s jaw to drop in shock.

“Is that all mister?” the cashier asked, with Marik nodded. “Ok, that’ll be $250.” Marik payed for the food and waited in the pick-up line alongside Bakura. Five minutes later, the duo received their order, and made their way to the corner table at the very back of the store.

“How the bloody hell are you going to bloody eat all of that bloody chicken, without exiting the bloody store as a bloody fatass?! Furthermore, how the bloody hell did you save up enough bloody money to bloody order all of the bloody chicken?!” Bakura ranted, as the duo dug into their meals.

“I was just a bit hungry…” Marik answered.

“A bit hungry? You ordered the entire damn store, you glutton!” Bakura retorted. After 10 minutes, the duo had eaten their meals, with Marik somehow managing to eat all of his food. Yet somehow, he didn’t gain a single kilogram.

“My family has a high metabolism rate.” Marik explained. “Come on Bakura, let’s go earn some money!” The duo put their rubbish in the bin and exited the store.

“Well how do you suppose we earn money?” Bakura asked.

“We can whore ourselves out as gay prostitutes.” Marik suggested. “It’ll be a lot of fun.”

“I am not whoring myself out for a few measly bucks!” Bakura snapped.

“Hey don’t knock it back Bakura. Prostitution was how the porn studios discovered that Trey fellow, and made him the most popular gay pornstar in all of Europe.” Marik replied. Just then the duo spotted a bright pink stretch Hummer, grinding to a halt right near them. The window was winded down, as Kyu lowered her glasses and gazed at the two men.

“Uhh, we love you long time?” Marik said in a goofy voice, as Bakura rolled his eyes in disgust.

“You must be the newcomers I saw enter the city. Hey listen, why don’t you wear a set of plastic buck teeth to fit your porn dialogue, that’ll be sweet…” Kyu smiled, masking her contempt for the two men.

“Look lady, do you want to fuck us or not? We’re very busy right now.” Bakura scoffed.

“Uh, listen you fucking wanker. I’m not just some random slut in a limousine, I own this fucking city, and I’ll be damned if some gigolo-wannabee sassed me!” Kyu coolly retorted.

“Look Ms. I am sorry for my friend’s rudeness, but we really need some money. We’re dirt poor.” Marik apologised.

“Oh…so you’re poor eh? Are you willing to do anything I say?”

“Yes, yes! We’ll do anything for money!” Bakura called out, as a sinister grin appeared on Kyu’s face.

“Alright then, why don’t you hop into my limo then? I’m sure we can work something out.” Kyu offered, as the two men looked at each other, before hopping into the car. What neither of the men knew was that they made the biggest mistake of their life.

How’d you like that everyone? I’m sorry if I was a bit short, but I figured that I’ll start to get to the good shit in the next chapter.

See ya!