Previously, Steven dealt a triple blow to Project AFTER, and is on his way to bring back Damon Gant, before hunting down the last member of Project AFTER, other than GorillaGamer.

Chapter 42: Tightening the noose

California morgue

Steven and the rebels had arrived at the Californian morgue, when they noticed half a dozen women sitting quietly in their seats, with one of them being 1-2 months pregnant. The rebels easily deduced that the six women were the Pegasus Knights who adored Clair so much; Florina, Farina, Fiora, Palla, Catria and Est. It was obvious that they were grieving over the loss of their beloved husband.

“So you came to pay your respects as well…” Fiora commented, gently petting her belly. “Now my child will grow up without their father.”

“I…I saw it happen before my eyes. A police officer named Ronald Grump had been hired to assassinate Gant and I. However he came too late, as I was ordered to by the Ivalician Rebellion to assassinate your husband. I’m so sorry.” Steven admitted his guilt.

“But why were you ordered to kill him? He didn’t do anything wrong.” Florina inquired, a few tears falling down her cheeks.

“He was an elite agent of Project AFTER.” Steven informed them, expecting them to be surprised. However he was the one who will be surprised, when he noticed that the girl’s faces didn’t change, as if they knew all along.

“Didn’t he tell you? He was a mole hired by the Democrats to infiltrate Project AFTER.” Palla asked Steven.

“Wait, what?!” Lilina called out. “Gant was a double agent all along?”

“Yes, he informed us of what his job was. However he was being blackmailed by the Chief Prosecutor, Manfred von Karma.” Catria replied.

“I took care of that man. He will no longer hurt any of you.” Steven informed them.

“That’s good and all, but how will that bring back our Ganty?” Farina asked.

“It won’t but I have another way.” Steven said, as he entered the morgue room and saw the deceased body of Damon Gant. It looked like he was peacefully asleep, as if he had never been shot. Steven charged up his revival magic and cleansed Gant’s body in an aura of light. A minute later, Gant’s eyes fluttered, as he woken up and rubbed his head.

“Ahhh…what an odd dream. I imagined myself getting shot by the Democratic hero himself.” Gant mumbled to himself, as he turned to the side and saw Steven. “Huh…what are you doing here?” Steven got to his knees and knelt before Gant.

“I’m so sorry sir…I never knew you were a double agent for the Democrats that loved all his wives equally. I’m so sorry that I murdered you in cold blood, denouncing you as a womaniser. But most of all, I’m so sorry I made your wives cry.” Steven apologised profusely.

“I have no recollections of what occurred the previous day, asides from my duel with you. That was an excellent game by the way!” Gant smiled, clapping a few times. “Though if what you’re saying is true, then I forgive you. I should have brought it up when the topic of my role in Project AFTER was brought up, but it slipped my mind.”

“Speaking of which, I dealt with Manfred von Karma for good. He won’t be harming you or your wives anymore.” Steven added.

“Finally…I’m no longer being blackmailed by that man.” Gant sighed a breath of relief. “He managed to find out about my true allegiance and has threatened to kidnap me and rape my beloved wives, unless I do whatever he says.”

“As it turns out, Manfred hired a man named Ronald Grump to assassinate you.” Steven added. “He’s dead by the way.”

“Why would he want me dead?” Gant inquired.

“Manfred got sick of waiting and wanted to kidnap and enslave your wives.” Steven replied. “Speaking of which, why don’t you go meet them? They’ll be thrilled to see that you’re back from the grave.”

“An excellent idea, Stevo!” Gant grinned, as the duo walked out of the room. The then confronted the group outside the room, who were surprised at what they saw.

“Ganty, you’re back!” Est smiled, as she and Gant’s other wives all gave him a group hug.

“It’s so good to see you all, my special little angels.” Gant smiled at them.

“B-but how are you still here? You had a gunshot wound to the head.” Palla inquired.

“I…I have this power that can bring back people from the dead, provided that I do it within a week of their passing.” Steven replied. “However it’s limited to one use per person.”

“That’s alright, I’ve still got plenty of life in me!” Gant chuckled. “And now I get to see my child grow up.”

“One question, are you going to have a child with all your wives, or just Fiora?” Steven asked.

“I’m not sure myself. I’ll see how things go and if it’s possible, I’ll have a child with all my wives.” Gant replied, as he cuddled the people closest to him.

“So now that you’re free from Manfred’s grasp, is there any information you can tell us?” Nino asked.

“Well I know that with Manfred dead, there’s only one more elite agent aside from GorillaGamer, but he’s the strongest of them all.” Gant answered.

“So who is this powerful agent?” Aya asked.

“A man by the name of Badass Overlord.” Gant replied. “He’s a half-human, half-cyborg who was created solely to kill anyone GorillaGamer asks him to.”

“I see…” Steven replied. “Thanks for that Gant. Once me and my sisters are done with Project AFTER and GorillaGamer, how about we have another duel?”

“I’d like that!” Gant smiled. “Just be prepared to hand over that nice car to me when I win. Oh and here’s a walkie talkie for whenever we need to share information with each other.”

“In your dreams! Oh and thanks for the walkie talkie.” Steven playfully teased, as the two groups went their separate ways. Steven and his group then brought out their teleporters and wound up back in the rebel base, ready to confront Badass Overlord.

Rebel base

The group had arrived at the rebel base, and had met up with Draconia’s group. The rest of the rebels were pleased to see Steven and his group, if a bit tired.

“Welcome back.” Draconia greeted. “So how did your mission go?”

“Boy, was it exhausting.” Steven replied. “I would like to hit the hay for a bit, but I can’t.”

“Hehe, don’t we all get days like that?” Aria smiled. “So what’d you get up to?

“It was a series of events.” Steven began his recollection. “First things first, Me, Sonia and Chiaki rescued my friend Ryoko from Yasuke’s grasp, and ended that fucker once and for all.”

“So I take it this red-haired lady is Ryoko?” Scarlet Thorn inquired.

“Yep! It’s nice to meet all of Steven’s wonderful friends.” Ryoko greeted.

“And it’s so nice to meet you. I’ve heard good things about you.” Nereida replied.

“Anyway, after I had defeated Yasuke, me and Ryoko found a letter written by Kristoph, stating that he kidnapped my sisters.” Steven continued.

“Oh my…how bad was it?” Aurora Blade added.

“It was horrible!” Aya called out. “He kept on grabbing us and rubbing his thingy up against us. Not to mention that he took our clothes off and even made Billy wet herself again.”

“Not to mention that he drank it all up. All while looking at me with a creepy look in his eyes.” Billy added.

“The worst part was that he promised to feed us some broth, but he never did.” Chihaya added. “I was terribly hungry.”

“I don’t think that’s what he meant, when he said that he was going to fill us up with his broth.” Celica replied.

“Yes, I’d rather not know what he meant when he said broth.” Luna added.

“Thankfully, big brother confronted the meanie who hurt both us, and his friends, and defeated him!” Elise chimed in.

“It was a bit scary though, since I’ve never seen big brother get that angry before.” Sakura added.

“After we had gotten redressed, we saw Steven pay his respects to his friends. I was quite sweet, if I say so myself.” Nari commented.

“We were then greeted by several agents of the Democratic Rebellion, stated that the Chief of Police himself wanted to congratulate us. I and Steven then had a private conversation that really lifted my spirits.” Clair added, a small smile on her face.

“The Police Chief was a friendly man, by the name of Damon Gant. He had a rather nice office, although I will admit that he has a fascination with swimming.” Nana added.

“It turns out that he was a mole hired by the Democrats to obtain information from Project AFTER. He told me that my family is still alive, though he didn’t know where they are.” Clarine chimed in, a smile on her face.

“Shortly after, both Damon and big brother played a card game against each other, where Steven wagered his sports car, and Damon wagered some intel he had. After a close match, Steven came out on top and obtained the intel.” Lilina reminisced.

“As it turns out, Damon is married to six wonderful women, which he treats with kindness, and respect.” Steven added. “I then confronted Manfred, Kizami, and the Skullfuckers and killed them all.”

“Wow, talk about a busy day!” Melody called out. “Perhaps you need a little rest, my stallion.”

“Ahh, I’m fine Melody.” Steven stammered, a faint blush on his face, before he cleared his throat. “What we need to do is invade Project AFTER’s Battle Fortress and take out their last commander, a cyborg by the name of Badass Overlord. Then we can march to the AFTER Headquarters and take out GorillaGamer once and for all!”

“I like that idea. I’m down for a good rumble with Project AFTER.” Shadow Stalker smirked.

“Finally, we’re taking the war to AFTER, as opposed to the other way around.” Lunar Priestess commented.

“Alright folks, we’re going to march to the AFTER Battle Fortress. Any objections?” Draconia called out, with no one objecting. “In that case, let’s go.”

Project AFTER Battle Fortress

The rebels had arrived at the Battle Fortress, and confronted a large squadron of AFTER goons.

“Gwhahaha! Time to kill some rebels!” an agent sneered.

“Ok here’s the plan. My squad will deal with the small fry, while your group will go confront Badass Overlord and defeat him.” Draconia told Steven.

“Alright! Come on gang!” Steven called out, as he and his group dashed inside the fortress, the agents watching them go in.

“Now that we’ve got them out of the way, let’s crush these rebels!” an agent sneered.

“You’ll be the ones who’ll get defeated!” Blood Baroness retorted, as the two groups charged into battle.


Crimson Rose and Aria immediately began firing at a small group of agents, killing them instantly. Additionally, Lunar Priestess and Melody charged up their magic spells and blasted some more agents with the spells. Meanwhile, Rose Knight, Aurora Blade and Draconia were mowing down some more agents with their weapons, with Nereida and Shadow Stalker providing back up. Additionally, Blood Baroness and Scarlet Thorn used their vampire magic to eliminate the rest of the agents.

“Ok, that’s the enemy defeated. Now let’s provide back up support for Steven and his group!” Draconia called out, as the rebels charged into the building.

The rebel group had spotted Steven’s group, whom had defeated a large platoon of AFTER agents. Just then the heard the sound of footsteps coming towards them.

“Ah! Who could that be?!” Nereida asked out loud. Her question would get answered, as the rebels were confronted by a large cyborg that caused Draconia to gasp in fear.

“The Dominator! So you’re the Badass Overlord we’ve heard about?” Draconia gasped.

“I was once called The Dominator, but now I’m the Badass Overlord.” Badass Overlord replied, in a robotic voice.

“What did GorillaGamer do to you?!” Aurora Blade asked out loud.

“He turned me into a cyborg, enhancing my powers even further than before.” Badass Overlord explained.

“I…I can’t believe this has happened.” Melody spoke sadly. “The Dominator I knew has been replaced with this mechanical monstrosity.”

“Please Steven…put The Dominator out of his misery.” Shadow Stalker requested.

“If you say so…” Steven replied, as he stabbed Badass Overlord’s head, killing him instantly,

“Thank…you…” Badass Overlord gasped, before he died, never to open his eyes again.

“I’m sorry…” Steven spoke softly, before he whipped out his walkie talkie. “Gant, this is Steven here. We defeated the Badass Overlord.”

“Ahh, that should be good news for you…” Gant began, before he picked up on Steven’s sadness. “What’s the matter? You don’t sound too happy.”

“Turns out that the Badass Overlord was the leader of the Paragon Heroes, a man known as The Dominator.” Steven replied.

“So that’s who GorillaGamer meant when he talked about The Dominator.” Gant replied. “If I recall, he learnt of his location from that Lizeea lady.”

“I knew she was responsible!” Shadow Stalker growled to himself.

“Anyway, with the Badass Overlord gone, all that remains is GorillaGamer himself. He should be in the Headquarters.” Gant informed the group. “I’ll give you the co-ordinates for his location, but be warned; he’s incredibly powerful. I’ll recommend bringing some reinforcements.”

“Thanks for the info.” Steven replied. “Are you and your wives joining the fight?”

“Unfortunately, we can’t. Turns out that a lot of the American Police were either Trump Supporters, or AFTER agents. I have to stay here to assist the Democrats in exposing the corrupt officers and bring them to justice.” Gant replied.

“Ah I see.” Steven replied. “Good luck!” he then hung up the walkie talkie, as he received the co-ordinates on his phone.

“Come on everyone, let’s rally up some allies and meet up near Project AFTER’s Headquarters.” Draconia called out, as the rebels left the Battle Fortress.

Long live the Soviet Union! 

The Heroes:






Billy the Kid




Aya Drevis

Nana Ogasawara

Nari Amatoya

Chihaya Yamase



Ryoko Otonashi

Rose Knight

Crimson Rose



Lunar Priestess

Blood Baroness

Shadow Stalker


Aurora Blade


Scarlet Thorn

Dead AFTER Agents






Max Vader

Mike Pence

Billybob Mcjoe



Richard Spencer

Milo Yiannopoulos

Professor Pineapple

Donald Trump

Master of AFTER




Steve Bannon


StabbyKobold/Matt Engarde


John Bunting

Robert Wagner

Mark Haydon

Truthordeal/Shelly De Killer


CuChulainn1290/Roger Retinz


Bonglorio/Simon Blackquill

Shockwave S08

Maniak/Inga Karkhuul Khura’in


ConcernedGamer/Kristoph Gavin

MasterOfNintendo/Damon Gant

Dashguy/Manfred von Karma/Panik

Officer Giraffe


Badass Overlord/The Dominator